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Ann Svärdfelt


Ann Svärdfelt has practiced yoga for almost 20 years and founded several yoga schools. She is a much-loved and experienced yoga teacher who mixes equal parts knowledge, intuition and joy in her classes. Today, she does not have her own yoga studio, but teaches as a guest teacher at yoga studios around Sweden and the world. In addition, she offers Ayurvedic health consultations.


Student and teacher

The two-way learning is central to Ann's yoga practice. She sees herself first and foremost as a student – sadhaka – which teaches her to meet other students in turn. In addition to the many yogis who take part in her classes, she has an apprenticeship program with around twenty adepts.

In 2011, Ann received her authorization as a yoga teacher from Sharath Jois. Ann has founded three yoga schools - shalas - in her hometown Östersund and in Malmö and Åhus. Today she works as an independent yoga teacher with workshops and guest lectures at various yoga schools around the world. She is also trained in Ayurveda and holds both independent lectures and entire courses, including at the Ayurveda Academy in Stockholm.


Ann teaches in Swedish, English, German, French and Italian.
”I am humbled that I get to practice Ashtanga yoga. Teaching this tradition is profound and meaningful on many levels. I notice that my students release stress and feel better from yoga. Just like I did myself.” 

Ann Svärdfelt

A lifelong love

Ann discovered Ashtanga yoga in her 30s. It was at a workshop with the American yoga teacher Stan Woodman and the realization was immediate: this was what she would dedicate the rest of her life to.

Today, Ann is an authorized ashtanga yoga teacher level 1, trained at the Sharath Yoga Center in Mysore, India. She met her teacher Sharath Guruji Jois during a visit to New York in 2005. It was during a workshop with Sri K Pattabhi Jois, the founder of the Ashtangayoga tradition and Sharath's grandfather. Sharath assisted Ann on the mat and the energy and confidence was there immediately.


Since then, Ann has spent several longer periods in Mysore at the school which is the mother shala of the Ashtanga yoga that is taught worldwide. She is well versed in the traditional scriptures of yoga and continues to immerse herself in its teachings. The philosophy of yoga is also an important ingredient in her own teaching.

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